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  • New Lyric Video of "INVICTUS" Monday, 09 November 2015 in News

    "Invictus" is a poem written by William Hernest Henley - a man who went through a particularly tough and impoverished childhood. A person who found himself, in his lowest point, with an amputated leg due to tuberculosis and in danger of losing his second one as well. Still, he was moved to write this. So, we were moved to give it music.

    Created by Constantinos Syrimis at dinosaurius.

  • New Video clip "Al-Kimiya" released! Wednesday, 07 October 2015 in News

    Cosmos & Chaos Becoming One!!!

    Director Andreas Koumis

    LIBER SUM (I AM FREE) out from Pitch Black Records 6th of November

  • BLYND Return With “Liber Sum” & New video clip AL-KIMIYA Wednesday, 07 October 2015 in News
    BLYND Return With “Liber Sum” & New video clip AL-KIMIYA

    Third album by Cypriots thrash/death metallers out in November Cyprus-based thrash/death metallers BLYND return with their third album, “Liber Sum”, a follow-up to 2012’s hugely successful “Punishment Unfolds.” "Liber Sum" (I am free) is a journey through the spiritual and material history of humanity, greatly influenced by the tumultuous history of Cyprus, combined with the alchemical art of psychospiritual growth and transmutation.The album gradually transitions to a more positive side of things, with a truly majestic ending of the song “The Kingdom Within” where a touch of hope and change is found.

    This is the band’s most focused album to date, lyric and music wise. The band successfully manage to maintain their unique and excellent blend of extreme music with symphonic elements and this is an album that’s as dark and atmospheric as it gets while still thrashing mad!

    The album’s brilliant artwork is by Gustavo Sazes (Arch Enemy, While Heaven Wept, Kamelot, Morbid Angel among others) and it is worth noting that the artwork is inspired by the ancient writings and history of Cyprus. 
    The album was engineered and mixed by Philip Zilfo and mastered by 4DSounds. “Liber Sum” is scheduled for a worldwide release on November 6th on CD and digital. It is already available for pre-order at and 

    A series of live performances will be announced by the band shortly.

    The song “Al-Kimiya” is now available for free download and streaming as well as the song’s totally wicked and out-of-this-world official video clip directed by Antreas Koumis at It’s worth noting that this is the first video clip by a Cypriot band featuring full animation from start to finish!


    1. Bread and Circuses
    2. Phobos
    3. Barbarians
    4. Aes Cyprium
    5. In the Epicenter
    6. Under High Seas (A Prelude to the King)
    7. Liber Sum
    8. Al-Kimiya
    9. Invictus
    10. The Kingdom Within

  • New Album-Video Clip #2 Update Tuesday, 07 April 2015 in News
    New Album-Video Clip #2 Update

    The new video clip is over after two days of non-stop shootings, this experience was something that we will never forget, we pushed ourselves to the limits and to new paths that we never crossed before!!!
    This was all about the artistic and dark side of ourselves, we can't wait to share it with you!
    We would like to thank our director Maria Chrisodoulou for her guidance and vision, Dec Audiovisual Photography, George Nicolaou (Aerial Filiming & Photography Cyprus) George Georgiades for his awesome makeup art and of course the one and only Marios Ioannou-one of the best actors in our country, it was an honor and a privilege to have him.
    We are coming with full force, stronger than ever!!!

  • NEW ALBUM-VIDEO CLIP #1 UPDATE Monday, 22 September 2014 in News

    For the first time we're gonna start working on our new video clip at the same time with the studio recordings. This album is so focused that it was really an easy decision to choose the song for our first video clip!!! The guy responsible for the production, the very talented Mr. Andreas Koumis, he produced our very first video clip Rage & Mindgames!!!

    This is gonna be something unique that we have never done before and we can't wait for this one!!

  • BLYND Wallpapers Pack Tuesday, 16 September 2014 in News

    Aren't you bored of your desktop/mobile wallpapers?

    This pack contains 6 different BLYND wallpapers in a variety of resolutions!

    CLICK HERE to download 'em all and choose the one that suits your taste!!

  • Follow us on Twitter! Tuesday, 19 August 2014 in News

    You can now follow us on Twitter!



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